Medication Management Solutions for Multi-Home Families

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Any co-parent can share stories of how tricky transitioning between houses can be for their children. Did they leave their laptop at Dad's house? The book report that’s due tomorrow is likely on Mom’s kitchen counter. This is life as a co-parent, and while it gets easier with time, the first couple years can be challenging.

For children who regularly take prescribed medication, co-parenting with children moving between homes is amplified. At TAC, our parenting plans offer solutions for medication management, with the objective of achieving consistency between households.  For example, apps such as  Medisafe act as a digital pillbox, including reminders, alerts to family members for missed doses, and pictures of pills.  Sagely Smart Pill Boxes (available on Amazon) offer no-spill boxes that can be sent as individual days, or even whole weeks. Best yet, the box is accompanied by a support app providing regular reminders.

TAC parenting plans also recognize that emergencies will occur, and we’ve incorporated protocols for missed doses, emergency numbers should an overdose occur, and agreements about who can give medicine and how. Navigating these waters can be choppy, but the good news is we’ve been working with parenting plans for some time. Past client feedback and current client tweaks have helped us arrive at a “formula” based on best practices. It’s an area we’re passionate about, and more than anything, we do what we do to help find a solution that works for our client families.

Author: Colleen Contreras, Owner/Founding Member of Tooher and Contreras Law, PLLC

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