Emily Gale Tooher, Founding Partner


There are few Arizonians that have a longer, familial trajectory in the state than Emily. Her family history goes back an impressive six generations. While Emily’s professional career began in the insurance industry and then management, she was called to legal services by a desire that's always been part of her life – to serve.

A graduate of Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration), and a Juris Doctor degree from Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, Emily is a passionate advocate for justice. She always imagined she would return to the community that built her.  Now, she is able to do just that and serve her home town of Chandler, Arizona.

Emily is driven by the desire to make complex legal decisions manageable.  Above all, Emily strives to make tough situations positive, regardless of the complexity. Emily's true passion is making people happy, encouraging positivity and having a lasting impact on people's lives, and she loves helping families plan for their future and make some of the most important decisions in their life.

Colleen Contreras, Founding Partner


It’s not common to find someone with a project management background - detail oriented, meticulous to the core - who then, at the flip of a switch, can bring a compassionate perspective to the table. Wrap this all up with a legal background, and you’ve got Colleen Contreras.

Prior to embarking on her legal career, Colleen ran a consulting practice aimed at providing project management services to philanthropic foundations.  She later worked closely with children with a range of disabilities, providing an invaluable perspective to the day-to-day struggles of this particular population.  A graduate of the University of Phoenix (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration), a Juris Doctor degree from Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, a certified Project Management Professional, and a Certificate in Law, Science, and Technology with a focus in Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Colleen’s career evolved into the law because she believed change in the system was not only possible, but necessary.  Families need support during life’s tough transitions from someone who gets it.

Colleen brings a big heart, the precision of a project management professional, and the legal acumen of a lawyer to her clients each and every day.  Plus, it all arrives with a contagious smile!

Amiée Valenzuela-Altomare, Legal Assistant

After living 14 years in Massachusetts, this Arizona native returned home a little over 10 years ago.  Previously schooled in both Tempe and Ahwatukee, she finished her undergraduate studies at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Education. 

Over the last decade, Amiée has been serving the Chandler community in a variety of volunteer avenues.  She comes to us with a wealth of experience that spans 25+ years in educational non-profit, customer service, small business, corporate, event planning and strategic planning. She has worked for The National Conference for Community & Justice, The State of Massachusetts, & Harvard University.  

Amiée is now embarking in a new direction to finally explore her long-time interest in the legal field.  She is a resident of Chandler and hopes to continue serving her Chandler community through service to Tooher & Contreras Law as one of TAC Law’s amazing Legal Assistants.

Grace Spray, Legal Assistant

Grace is currently a Junior at Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelor in Science Degree in Economics with a minor in Spanish. She will be graduating shortly in May 2022. In high school, Grace discovered her passion for Spanish, and she will be fluent after obtaining her minor from ASU. She loves the culture and wants to broaden her communication horizons. 


Due to her upbringing, Grace was constantly surrounded by the business world, and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way, as it sparked her interest in the entire industry.  As she has pursued her educational and career goals, Grace became passionate about the legal field. She is a hard working, eager and determined legal assistant that brings a ton of energy and heart to the TAC Law Team.

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