Family Law

A complex and emotional subject, when legal issues touch a family, the result can be a rollercoaster filled with dips and curves that seem endless and insurmountable. These are issues that almost everyone finds difficult to navigate, and many times impossible to plan for.


At Tooher and Contreras Law, we guide our strategy with every unique client by putting the needs of the children first. The goal of a successful outcome in a family law case is a safe and nurturing environment for the child, and this overriding objective lies at the core of our
family law practice.


The first step in adoption is terminating the parental rights of the child’s natural parents. The last, and final step is making the child’s adopted parents his/her legal parents. Our legal team has experience with stepparent adoptions, grandparent and relative adoptions, private adoptions, as well as DCS adoptions.


This can be an intense process.  We are a client-focused firm determined to clear any and all obstacles to make sure families or individuals meet the statutory requirements so a judge can successfully finalize the process.


Like adoption, divorce is also a tricky road to navigate without experienced counsel. From a legal standpoint, a divorce is the termination of a marital contract between two people. It gives each party the right to determine the custody of their children, how to divide the marital assets, and lastly, it frees up the ability of both parties to pursue a marriage with someone else.


Divorce cases fall into broad categories.  However, at Tooher and Contreras Law, we learned through countless divorce cases that each case is truly unique. We work closely with you to represent you in a court of law and obtain the best outcome possible.  This can be a nerve-racking endeavor but one you will not go through alone.

Child Support

When a separation occurs between two parents or two adults with children in their custody, it is vital that the child or children continue to receive the support they need related to basic care. At Tooher and Contreras Law, we guide clients through what they need to understand in terms of Arizona law and the formulas used to calculate child support.


It is vital that both parties understand their financial responsibilities and are presented with this information in a clear and logical fashion. We are well versed in the subject, and we make the process easy to understand and as stress-free as possible.

Child Custody

At the heart of every child custody case is the best interest of the child. We help parents arrive at amicable solutions with the goal of keeping the best interest of the child front and center. We understand “nice solutions” are not always possible and assist clients in understanding the various types of custody (physical, legal, joint, and sole). We also work closely in crafting mutually agreed visitation schedules and brief clients on what their options are if the other party refuses to comply.

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