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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was created with excellent intentions. Like many federal institutions in the United States, we can’t do without it. Over time, however, for many American citizens, the IRS transformed into an annoyance that doesn’t take “I never received that correspondence” for an answer.


Tooher and Contreras Law represents clients in resolving personal or business tax issues, filing state and federal disability claims, representing innocent spouse claims, and helping clients successfully handle difficult issues surrounding wage garnishments, DOR audits, IRS levies and more.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a threatening letter or confusing correspondence, we understand the anguish, one hundred percent.  Every client is unique, and we work closely in helping you to understand what the IRS can and cannot do, and the options to remedy the situation as painlessly (financially and emotionally) as possible.

Individual, Business, and Trust Tax Preparation

Tax returns have never been user friendly, and they’ve gotten increasingly more complex with time, especially with recent changes in the tax code. At Tooher and Contreras Law, we specialize in handling tax returns, advising on everything from late filings to audit requests and more.


If you’re a 1099 for example, a common question is whether you withheld enough in a given year. If you worked abroad, or your company does, there is a range of items to consider around filing time. We leverage extensive experience advising on a host of issues - deductions, regulatory statutes, and planning ahead with regard to the current climate and what a tax regimen will look like two or three years from now.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is not a “once a year” undertaking. It is an ongoing process and requires an initial, up-front game plan.


From estate planning to the purchase or sale of a small business, or simply a small real estate sale, Tooher and Contreras Law assists in developing a range of tax strategies that will minimize tax implications and place you in a favorable position.

Disputes: Audits, Appeals and Innocent Spouse Claims

Easily one of the most stressful situations, tax related disputes keep everyone awake at night. We offer expert advice and representation at any stage of your dispute, no matter the severity. All our attorneys are licensed to practice in the United State Tax Court.  If you are concerned about your compliance history, are under investigation (civil or criminal), or worried that you have been under-declaring, we can help.


Disputes with federal entities are intimidating, so it’s vital to seek assistance as soon as possible.


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